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Buying Tips

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Do your own research to find out if your target suburb is hot or not. There are many tools available to help you discover a suburbs potential.


Think about what matters to you in your ideal location for example; Traffic, Public transport, Shopping and Schools.


If your target suburb is out of budget, consider more affordable neighbouring suburbs.


Before you buy, talk to locals and get their views on the suburb and connecting with local websites can also give you helpful insight.


Starts saving early, most lenders require a deposit of at least 5% of the property’s value, although bigger is definitely better.


Get your finance pre-approved. When you begin to negotiate property, sellers are often attracted to buyers who have pre-approved finance over those who don’t.


Always go out to inspections before making decisions.


Last but not least do not rush your decision, shop around and make sure you get the best home at the best price for your circumstances.

Contract of sale

Once you have found a home then you would need a conveyancer or solicitor to check the contract of sale to ensure that the conditions suit you.

Please contact our agents for more details in regards to buying tips, they will be able to walk you through the process and help you to the best of their abilities to meet your needs.

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