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When a vendor lists a property with Pocket Listings, you can either choose to run a marketing campaign or sell off market.

If you choose a marketing campaign you will be auctioning off the property or listing it for sale with a price.

The different selling options are:


Off Market

Sell your property without it being publicly advertised. Buyers will be brought in off the agent’s database. A lot of sellers like to choose this method as it will save on marketing costs and your agent will already have a list of buyers interested in purchasing.



A date and time will be set and advertised where buyers can bid on your property for sale.


Private Treaty

The agent will advertise your property and negotiate the sale with potential buyers.

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Our Service Guarantee

If you are not happy with our services you can cancel your contract at anytime.

Why Choose Us

There are many advantages to sell your property with Pocket Listings:

  • We are the only Company that specializes in Pocket Listings which means we have a high data base around NSW with investors and Owner Occupiers looking to purchase.
  • Our clients also have the option of Auction or Private treaty and we will still notify our data base to bring more competition to receive the best price for the owners.
  • Our Clients can choose a fixed fee for the agents fees or commission, they have options.

Success Story

The team at Pocket Listings stand out from the rest. Steve and Carmenita are so refreshingly honest in a day when words are cheap and often meant to just tickle your ears. They say exactly what they mean and to their credit, they mean what they say.

Both Steve and Carmenita are good listeners and very friendly which made it very easy to build rapport and trust with them as well as have great communication throughout the whole selling process.

Steve and Carmenita are super knowledgeable about the property market and gave me great insights on strategies that proved to be most effective in both selling and then rebuying. They achieved a selling price above that of two other agents and did it in less than three weeks. Other agents wanted me to accept a selling price lower that what I originally purchased the property for on the basis that I “paid too much and it is a good offer in today’s market”! Moral of the story for me is don’t believe everything some agents tell you. We were on a tight budget and only paid a fraction of the cost of what we previously got hit up for on “absolutely essential” marketing costs.

Steve and Carmenita were fair and not pushy in relation to marketing costs and their strategy proved to be effective. They spoke and acted ethically and went the extra mile in the service they provided. Not only did they sell our property, they went out of their way to help us find a new property to buy and it didn’t matter if they weren’t the agent for the property. They gave us sound advice and provided comparative sales evidence to help us know the pro’s and con’s of selected properties as well as information to assist us know the expected value of the properties.

Steve and Carmenita are the best representatives I have met in the property industry. They cared about us and really helped us achieve our goals and did so by good ole fashioned service with a smile.


Kevin Thompson

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