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Sell Your Property Faster & Save Up To $10,000.00

Have you signed a sole agency agreement? This means that you agree to sell exclusively through that agent for a fixed period which is usually 90 days.

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But what if your property isn’t selling? What if your agent is taking too long to respond to your queries? It’s not until you sign the agreement, that you realise if you are going to be happy with their service. What if you decide you would like the assistance of another real estate agent while under contract? Think again… you will likely have to pay the commission, marketing and advertising twice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had flexibility on who sells your property and control over how your property is sold?

What if instead of having one agent selling your property you have 20 agents across the state all competing to be the first to sell your property? What if you could also pay yourself from the savings in sales commissions that would normally go to the selling agent.

If you’re looking to sell your property faster and with confidence, contact Pocket Listings

What is the Pocket Listings Difference?

✔ Unlike standard real estate agencies, we don’t have a 90 day lock-in. Terminate anytime.

✔ Pay yourself the marketing fees and save up to $10,000.00 which could be a nice Xmas or holiday bonus.

✔ You still have the flexibility to advertise or go to auction.

✔ Multiple agents with intimate knowledge of the surrounding suburbs helps you discover little know pockets of opportunity.

✔ Have your own dedicated Pocket Listing Agent working for you.

✔ No need to sign with another agency. We’re already listed across multiple agencies.

✔ Make your next property sale easy and put money back in your pocket. Contact us at or visit us at our head office in Mascot. We service all areas in NSW.

Get your property sold with Pocket Listings

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